About us

The year 2015


For Supply and Demand International it was vital

to adjust its policies thoroughly. Because the times and circumstances have changed significantly in recent years. Unchanged however is our mission, our objectives and our enthusiasm to attain our objectives. In our thirty year of history we have provided support to persons in Africa and also to people in the Netherlands who need help getting a regular job. That way we try to improve the general well being of the underprivileged in these locations.


VAI is going to recalibrate its course. We have taken steps to achieve that in 2014 and 2015. We hope to finish this process in the autumn of 2015.


We can do our work thanks to the commitment of many volunteers. We are also partly dependent on financial contributions from third parties such as you, who also have the conviction that our approach helps the position of the underprivileged people, both here and in Africa. We do not just give money, but we work together on projects and support and facilitate self development. We help people aquire the knowledge, skills and resources. And advise them in producing in a sustainable way.


Our Foundation receives no Government support. Discover what you can do for us.